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Becontinous provides solutions in the area of information security and cybersecurity. The company is a team of experts with many years of experience in supporting customers in the implementation of IT projects and ensuring the business continuity of their operations.

Becontinous delivers a complete vision of digital security. All solutions that it directs to customers result from their needs and show above-average effectiveness.

Solutions protecting company property, combined with specialized services, provide customers with a very high level of security and productivity at the same time. Loss of business continuity is one of the highest-rated risks with a high impact on the future. The company focuses solutions around the process, proposing the result of a precise selection, taking into account the context to balance productivity and business continuity.

“The emergence of a solid player on the market that aggregates unprecedented technological solutions in terms of production, bringing the processes of "deception" to a higher level, makes it address the needs of our customers. The Labyrinth Deception Platform solution fills a poorly developed area, becoming a very interesting and promising system that increases the level of security, e.g., significantly shortens the response time to the first APT attack attempts, with marginal involvement from the administration - as our clients emphasize.
We notice the potential of the early warning system, which is in line with both the defined standards and security policies, and above all, significantly reduces the risk of loss of business continuity.” – noted Maciej Drybański, responsible for the development strategy at Becontinous.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Becontinous many times on various IT projects and I am happy to accept the cooperation, this time in the field of active defense against cyber threats based on deception technology.
I am convinced that with the knowledge and expertise of the Becontinous’ team, we can address the specific needs of customers who want to take control of the activities of intruders who have penetrated their IT/OT systems.” - said Marceli Matczak, sales director at Labyrinth Security Solutions.

The Labyrinth Deception Platform (LDP) imitates vulnerable IT and/or OT services and applications, significantly increasing the attack surface and confusing attackers. LDP provokes attackers for actions, detects and monitors all their activities, and isolates them from real company’s networks and assets, giving security teams (SOC) or network administrators time to react to incidents.

LABYRINTH is a team of experienced cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers specializing in developing solutions for the early detection and prevention of cyber threats.
Labyrinth's vision is to shift the balance of power in favor of defenders.
Labyrinth's mission is to provide all kinds of organizations with a simple and effective tool for the earliest possible detection of attackers inside the corporate network.