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Today we want to share some thoughts regarding the Security operations center (SOC)’s role in your cybersecurity strategy. 
While examining Gartner’s “Tips for Selecting the Right Tools for Your Security Operations Center”(even over time, Gartners’ insights are remarkably insightful and helpful), our team wants to emphasize the following:

  • Choosing the right software for SOC is challenging due to the variety of proposals on the market, and the engineers struggle to find the most efficient solution while trying to follow the newest trends.
  • You can’t just pick up some ideas from the successful implementation of SOC in other systems because every system is quite unique, and your SOC should be oriented precisely to your system’s needs. 
  • AI and ML technologies will not automate your SOC efficiently, at least in the current phase.
  • Security alert triaging is a great challenge for your SOC team as well as for your organization in general.
  • You should employ a high-qualified staff to manage SOC operations, and they should persistently develop their skills to be able to work with the newest solutions. 

Therefore, you probably will agree that handling all the SOC-related issues inside your organization is hard. And here is how the deception technology may become helpful:

  • Using deception technology, you are not tracking the real-time attacks trying to prevent the breach; you already have an active defense, which keeps attackers busy and does not let them get into your system for real.
    Labyrinth Deception Platform is incredibly easy to deploy and use; you do not need special qualifications, skills, or prolonged studies to manage it.
  • Your false-positive alerts will be minimized due to using deception decoys, saving many hours of your staff’s workload.
  • Deception technology is a valuable source of information for the SOC's Detection Engineering team.

Our engineers will share more insights regarding Labyrinth Deception Platform advantages and guide you through a free PoC.

You do not have your own SOC and are planning to use the managed services from MSSP ?
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