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Labyrint's team is happy to announce our new partnership agreement with ALESTA,  a well-known Ukrainian system integration company.
ALESTA is a modern system integrator aiming its efforts for the clients' successful future. 
ALESTA's team consists of industry experts: every employee has an average of 15 years of experience in the IT field. The company provides outstanding services starting from the needs assessment, choosing the most reliable and cost-effective solution based on client's requests, and providing qualified support after project implementation. 

ALESTA's mission is to help companies become competitive in their industry by employing innovative software and hardware solutions. To help your business upscale, the company's experienced senior engineers, managers, and technical consultants implement technologies that will work and operate over an extended time.

"ALESTA unites professionals with over a decade of experience in the IT infrastructure sector, including strong expertise in the cybersecurity field. We believe that our cooperation will help customers to employ the most innovative deception-based cybersecurity solution with advanced client support on each stage of implementation and usage." – said Yuriy  Gatupov, CCO at Labyrinth Development.

Labyrinth is a team of experienced cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers specializing in developing solutions for early cyber threat detection and prevention. 

OUR VISION is to shift the balance of power in favor of defenders. 

OUR MISSION is to provide all kinds of organizations with a simple and efficient tool for the earliest possible detection of attackers inside the corporate network. 

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