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Labyrinth and UnderDefense are excited to announce their innovative partnership that combines Labyrinth’s exceptional team of cybersecurity experts with UnderDefense’s Security-as-a-service MDR platform, UnderDefense MAXI. This collaboration aims to give businesses in all stages of their growth access to efficient cybersecurity services to protect what matters most - data.  

With the cyber threat landscape rapidly evolving, security concerns in businesses remain high. A whooping 74% of CEOs raised worries about their organizations ability to withstand a cyber attack according to a recent report by Accenture, continuing to highlight the need for more secure solutions that can give businesses peace of mind. 

By combining the powers of Labyrinth's security experts and UnderDefense’s MDR platform and experience in assisting organizations worldwide in planning, managing, and running successful security operations, businesses will now have access to the technology and experience required to better protect their organizations. 

"We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey alongside Labyrinth Tech. At UnderDefense, our core expertise lies in managed detection and response, and through this strategic partnership, we are poised to redefine how businesses fortify their cybersecurity posture. Our shared vision of enhancing cyber resilience and safeguarding organizations from the ever-evolving threat landscape aligns seamlessly with Labyrinth's mission. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the cybersecurity industry, where together, we will deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that empower businesses to thrive securely in the digital age. " - noted Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO of UnderDefense.

“In Labyrinth, we believe that professionals in cybersecurity should constantly develop their skills, strive for innovations, and combine their expertise to propose to the clients the most efficient solutions to fight back against cybercriminals’ attacks. UnderDefense is a company that fully shares our values and demonstrates impressive results in the segment of cybersecurity market leaders. By combining our efforts, knowledge, and experience, we are convinced that our partnership will help us develop and implement the most ambitious and practical solutions in the fight against global cybercrime.” -  concluded Yuriy Gatupov, CCO at Labyrinth Security Solutions.

With this strategic partnership, UnderDefense and Labyrinth are poised to empower businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to safeguard their digital assets and thrive in today's increasingly hostile cybersecurity landscape. 

About Labyrinth  

LABYRINTH is a team of proficient cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers specializing in inventing solutions for early cyber threat detection and prevention. 
OUR VISION is to shift the balance of power in favor of defenders. 
OUR MISSION is to provide all kinds of organizations with a simple and efficient tool for the earliest possible detection of attackers inside the corporate network.  

About UnderDefense 

UnderDefense is a cybersecurity provider that empowers companies to predict, prevent, detect and respond to present-day advanced and aggressive cyber-attacks.  UnderDefense’s Security as a Service platform, UnderDefense MAXI, offers free compliance, Advanced Managed Detection and Response, and no-code security automation and orchestration allowing businesses of all sizes and maturity levels to get Compliance, MDR & Incident Response Automation solution for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments that effortlessly scale to protect what matters most. 
More information: Cyber Security Services Provider | Security Consulting - UnderDefense 




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