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We are very pleased to announce a technology partnership with the manufacturer of the Polish Energy Logserver modular platform, providing LogManagement, SIEM and SOAR technologies. 

Over the years, Energy Logserver has become a platform that provides myriad perspectives on the use of data collected from the IT environment. Within a single environment, Energy Logserver provides ready-to-use functionality for Log Management, SIEM, network traffic analysis, infrastructure and application monitoring, Business Intelligence, among others, while at the same time, thanks to its native flexibility, it enables the construction of dedicated projects.

Labyrinth Deception Platform is used by enterprise customers and government institutions. Labyrinth changes an attack surface providing adversaries with an illusion of real infrastructure vulnerabilities. Each part of the imitated environment reproduces the services and content of a real network segment. The solution is based on Points - smart imitation hosts that mimic special software services, content, routers, IoT devices, etc. Points detect all malicious activities inside a corporate network providing comprehensive coverage of all the possible attack vectors. 

The Energy Logserver 7.4.2 integrates with Labyrinth Deception Platform, so Energy Logserver system operators will receive alerts and search alerts coming from the Labyrinth Deception Platform within a single Energy Logserver dahboard. The alerts combine mapping to MITRE ATT&CK and OWASP CRS in case of UniversalWebPoint - dedicated web decoy developed by Labyrinth Security Solutions team. Energy Logserver Team has been created the parser for Labyrinth's messages in CEF format, additionally has been created the dashboard for Labyrinth Alerting data.   



About Labyrinth Security Solutions:

LABYRINTH is a team of experienced cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers specializing in developing solutions for early cyber threat detection and prevention. 

OUR VISION is to shift the balance of power in favor of defenders. 
OUR MISSION is to provide all kinds of organizations with a simple and efficient tool for the earliest possible detection of attackers inside the corporate network 

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