Gartner Peer Insights Labyrinth the First Finalists for the ECSO CISO Choice Award 2025

Labyrinth is pleased to announce a partnership with Looptech, a Value-Added Distributor over GCC Countries and Middle East, with prominent experience in cybersecurity field.

The primary aim of Looptech is to raise the level of cybersecurity among government agencies as well as private sector companies with a clear vision that is inclined towards minimizing cybersecurity threats and maximizing confidentiality, integrity and availability within an organization.

The core value of Looptech Co. is distributing knowledge and expertise instead of merely focusing on cyber security services and solutions, which enable our clients to individually improve their actions, policies, and procedure, to reduce cyber security vulnerabilities and threats at SMB as well as enterprise level.

The vision of Looptech is to safeguard the global environment from continuously increasing cyber security threats, which have increased the costs of your Information security budget. 

The fusion of the strengths and frameworks of both companies carries the potential of delivering even more extensive cybersecurity protection and services, meeting the expectations and needs of today's network users.

About Labyrinth  
LABYRINTH is a team of proficient cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers specializing in inventing solutions for early cyber threat detection and prevention. 
OUR VISION is to shift the balance of power in favor of defenders. 
OUR MISSION is to provide all kinds of organizations with a simple and efficient tool for the earliest possible detection of attackers inside the corporate network.

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