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Features list

The manual mode of point types distribution in Honeynet

Prior to this release, the choice of point types and the number of points to generate was carried out fully automatically in Autopilot Mode. Now it is possible to select the desired types of points and their number when creating or editing a Honeynet.


To select and distribute points manually, turn off the autopilot mode, select required point types and their number. The total number of points for a Honeynet cannot exceed the license limit and the number of reserved IP addresses (Allowed IP Addresses).

Updated Labyrinth generation algorithm

The Labyrinth generation process has been improved - now it takes into account the presence of both a Honeynet in autopilot mode (automatic generation of points) and a Honeynet with autopilot mode disabled. This means that you can create multiple Honeynets with different operation modes.

New Seeder agents adding process

Previously, to add new hosts with Seeder agents, it was necessary to run a regeneration of Labyrinth after adding them.

Now it is possible to add Seeder agents dynamically without Labyrinth regenerating. When a new agent connects to the Admin Console, Seeder Tasks (breadcrumbs) are immediately created for it and adjusted to the existing Labyrinth.

ATTENTION. Also eliminated the requirement to have registered Seeder agents before starting the Labyrinth generation process. Seeder Agents, as mentioned earlier, can be added dynamically after Labyrinth generation.

VmWare vCenter credentials disclosure

A simulated vulnerability has been added to Point type VmWare ESX. When exploited, an attacker can get fake credentials of the vCenter database. In fact, this vulnerability is a 0-day.

  • HTTP/1.0 200 OK
  • Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
  • Content-Length: 137
  • Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2021 14:53:19 GMT
  • driver = org.postgresql.Driver
  • dbtype = PostgreSQL
  • url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/VCDB
  • username = vc
  • password = HMQA4Vit$a9jvxn0

Bugfixes list

Nodes info fix

The error, displaying information about the Worker node regarding the location parameter: incorrect location value, is fixed. Duplicated Seeder Task Fixed a bug due to which random duplicates of Seeder tasks were observed.

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